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Counseling Services

     Marriage & Family Therapy



  When working with individual men and women, my focus is on building hope and healing. We explore past generations and how it impacts their present and future. My therapeutic orientation combines attachment theory, inter-generational patterns and trauma-specific protocol. 



  I work with couples from an attachment perspective and have advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). I believe that most couple dysfunction is due to lack of emotional connection resulting in painful wounds.  The premise of EFT is that relational wounds are healed in relationship.  This therapy is scientifically proven to enhance couple bonds and to help couples heal from injuries, trauma, depression, and many other life issues. To learn more about EFT, visit www.iceeft 



  Family therapy is useful in the treatment of relational issues within the family.  A typical session includes all family members. It is a systemic approach based on the concept that a change in one member affects change in the entire system.


  Using the Prepare/Enrich curriculum, I work with couples planning on marriage. Typically an 8-10 week commitment, we explore things such as expectations, communication, finances and sex. This is a great gift for parents or grandparents to give to the couple.

​​Divorce & Divorce Adjustment

  I'm honored to help clients navigate the process of divorce and divorce adjustment. I work with couples trying to get on the same page relationally, learn to co-parent and to learn to focus on grief and the path ahead.

The Murray Method

  As a certified Level 1 and Level 2 professional, we will be able to utilize the power of The Murray Method to provide a clear understanding of the effects of challenging experiences like trauma, abuse, and neglect. By exploring how these experiences shape thoughts and emotions, this method helps improve personal and relational well-being. It equips you with accessible therapeutic tools, fostering emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical balance for a healthier, more fulfilled life.






  As a Certified, Master Level trained Brainspotting practioner, I have specialized training in trauma recovery for survivors and performance enhancement with athletes and performing artists of all kinds. I use this treatment for clients with known trauma histories as well as for sports and performance issues. Often times athletes or performers will present with repetitive performance problems, blocks, fear of injury/reinjury, or even a wish to expand their already strong performance whether in sports or the arts. This treatment is ideal for treating the whole person not just the talent. 

  Physical and or emotional injury or pain, serious physical illness, difficult medical procedures/treatments, societal turmoil, environmental disaster, as well as many other life events contribute to the development of a substantial reservoir of life trauma that is held in the body. Without the opportunity to process and integrate these events, the body and psyche are at risk. Recent research shows that stress and trauma can alter the way the brain works with regards to emotions, memory and problem solving. This research also indicates that 75% of requests for medical care are related to accumulation of stress and trauma in the body.

  Brainspotting is a focused treatment that helps identify, process and release deep sources of emotional and physical pain. It is a way to work on trauma in a manageable and safe situation, that allows the brain to move naturally toward healing.

  Results of this therapy include reductions in extreme reactions to present relationships and circumstances, and changing ineffective/unacceptable ways of behaving to those that are productive.




  I have had intensive training in Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI). This training equips professionals with skills to partner with parents to create healing environments for children, especially those from "hard places" - those who have experienced multiple foster placements, institutionalization, maltreatment, and/or neglect. TBRI is an emerging intervention for a wide range of family issues.








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